Quadratos is partnering with Tree-Nation in support of world-wide reforestation.

Now with each purchase you make of a paper product (books etc) from the Quadratos Shop*, a tree is purchased and planted in your name. You will receive a receipt from Tree-Nation.com with a code and a link for you to plant your special tree.

*Mugs, Cups & Tote bags (produced by Zazzle) are not yet included. We are working on it.

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The mission of Quadratos is to bring you in-depth, high-quality, yet affordable spiritual formation designed for both individuals and small communities.

Our resources (books, coaching and communities) are intended to support you in knowing the four paths of transformation and help you (individually and communally) walk that terrain with awareness and authenticity.

Some of our services have a set cost and some are provided through your own discretionary contribution.

We recognize that what is affordable to one is an extravagance for another and pocket change for yet another.

Your financial contribution honors the quality of this work that has been developed, tested and honed for decades. On the open market, our services would be 3 to 4 times more expensive. Your contribution helps us cover our costs, so that we may continue to bring this work to you wherever you live in the world.

“Each of us has a relationship with money that makes it a living spiritual ‘currency’ for good or ill. Our hope is that reflection on it will make that relationship more conscious, and that your choice-making related to it will become more free.”

Bread of Life

(With thanks to Bread of Life for their permission to reprint.)


How many persons contribute to/are supported by my total household income?

Aside from basic necessary expenses (rent, food, etc.), are there special circumstances in my life requiring significant, regular financial commitments?

What do I typically spend in a month for discretionary items like meals out, entertainment, books, hobbies, etc.?

Do I consider tending to my spiritual life and growth necessary (basic to my real support) or discretionary (an ‘extra’ to be added on as possible)?

As I consider a typical month for myself and the persons with whom I have direct financial exchanges, what range of fees do I notice? (Examples might include a hairdresser, an auto mechanic, a health professional, a dance teacher or fitness coach, a counsellor, a gardener, a massage therapist, etc.)

What percentage of my financial resources would I estimate that I commit to tending my spiritual grounding and priorities?

What percentage of my total ‘life’s resources’ (include investments of time, energy, and focus as well as financial commitments) do I commit to tending my spiritual grounding and priorities?

What is my sense of how well my investments of time, energy, and money align with my deepest & most cherished values? If a shift is needed or desired, what might a do-able next step be?

As a Quadratos Patreon member, you will receive gifts for our five different levels, as well as the pride of fueling work that matters to the world.


Make a one-time contribution using a credit card or your PayPal account.

If this donation is to support a particular offering, please specify the reason for your contribution in the optional order notes when you proceed to checkout.

Name your price ($-USD)

Write a Check (Only US Banks)

Please include a line letting us know the reason for your check (Contribution, HM Community, Presentation Stipend etc.), make the check payable to Quadratos LLC and mail to:

Quadratos LLC
1000 Cordova Place #459
Santa Fe, New Mexico 87505

Use Wise

Wise (formerly TransferWise) charges less to transfer money, both domestic and international. And using Wise is a great help to our accountant.

For contributions in GBP, Euro, AUD, NZD, CAD or even USD – please email us and request the needed account details so as to transfer monies to Quadratos LLC. Thank you!

Thank you for your presence and your support on The Journey. You are helping to make Quadratos a reality for many worldwide!


Are Purchases Taxed?
Tax is calculated only on items bought from Quadratos and shipped to New Mexico. Items purchased through Zazzle have a different tax calculation.

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After purchasing our PDF downloads, you will receive three emails: one receipt from PayPal or your credit card company, one receipt from The Quadratos Shop, and one Quadratos Shop confirmation email containing your download link(s).

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