The 2nd Day of Christmas

Good King Wenceslas

Keeping to my practice, I will post a brief thought here on each of the 13 Days.

Today, 26 December is the 2nd Day and it honors the Sacred Masculine.

On this day …

For the ancient Celts, Men and Boys went out to kill a Wren — the bird of fertility — a ritual that taught about the sacredness of all blood shed so that others may live.

For Christians this day became the Feast of St Stephen, also known as Boxing Day — honoring the truth of the mature masculine — ones who give their heart (their effort and sweat) to provide for others, especially those in great need.

Today, listen to the Christmas Carol — “Good King Wenceslas” and consider who NEEDS your generosity.

Blessed 2nd Day of Christmas!

Due to my surgery and long recovery this year, my book “The 13 Days of Christmas” is not yet available. I am working so that the book may be released this coming October-November 2022.

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