The 3rd Day of Christmas


Greetings on 3rd Night — 3rd Dawn — 3rd Day of Christmas.

This night (civil 26 December)* dawn (civil 27 December) and day honors the Dark Sacred Feminine in her aspects of Oneness, Ecstasy and the fermentation of Grape into Wine.

For the ancient Celts, this day of the Winter Solstice Festival celebrated the Great Mother, often called Mother Night. Recall that the entire Solstice Festival was about the mystery and power of Birth.

Christians on this day celebrate the incredible vision of Oneness, the emotion of Ecstasy and the Mother aspects of God as expressed by John the Evangelist in the Gospel that bears his name.

In John’s Gospel, read today the account of the Marriage at Cana- the ecstatic miracle of water becoming wine. This is an account of the mystical marriage — the ecstatic union — that cannot be served at the beginning of a journey of transformation. This wine requires a patient process of fermentation. This marriage is the story of how all we are made to be a harmonious union of opposites — an authentic ecstasy — primed to be of service.

If you drink wine, then drink today in a blessing and a prayer for the ecstasy that moves us to join opposites in a vital harmony. If you do not drink wine — then a blessing and prayer using grape juice.

Blessed Third Night — Blessed Third Dawn — Blessed Third Day.

* Remember that every “day” of the 13 Days of Christmas begins just past sunset. The night of 26 Dec is the 3rd Night of Christmas.

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