Rosa Ramos

Rosa Ramos

Galicia, Spain
Assistant & Administrative Support

Rosa joins Team Quadratos bringing us her warm Spanish heart, patience, organization skills and supportive spirit. All manner of Quadratos inquiry begins with Rosa’s warm welcome of you.

Her professional life covers a wide range of talents from Foreign Language Teacher to Software Trainer: supporting the students and staff at the University of Bedfordshire.

Born near the wild Atlantic Coast of Galicia, as a young child, she left for the UK where she grew up, worked, met and married her husband and raised a family. Then, a few years ago, they made a major transition, returning to the beauty and tranquillity of rural Galicia. A new life began with the labours of restoring an old farmhouse. Sosego d’Oruxo is ready to welcome you as a tourist exploring Galicia, or someone having a walker’s holiday.

Family is Rosa’s passion – from her young daughter to her adult children, and at current count – two dogs and cat!  Given a few hours to relax– look for Rosa, Matt and their daughter ambling on a nearby beach, and soaking in the incredible beauty of this land and seashore.

Glenn Siepert

Charlotte, North Carolina
Social Media Wizard

Glenn hails from North Carolina where he lives with his wife and daughter and hosts the What If Project podcast.

After a decade of work at Apple, he now supervises those who make delectable Starbucks lattes. (And he assures Alexander John that the nearest Peet’s Coffee is four hundred miles away.) In 2017 he met Alexander John at the Wild Goose Festival and was introduced to Quadratos. That same year, he launched his podcast exploring “What if there are ways of thinking about God that are different than what our traditions have handed us?”

Glenn is passionate about building relationships and helping people unpack the baggage of their past religious experiences so that they can re-discover the goodness buried deep within them. Following this passion, his doctoral dissertation from Alliance Theological Seminary explores how the church can use social media and technology to connect with people and connect people to the Divine.

He is a true social media wizard. And a few of his favorite things are playing Barbies with his daughter, cheering for the New York Yankees, and playing the Legend of Zelda.

Glenn Siepert
Jan Lustig

Jan Lustig

Santa Fe, New Mexico
Financially Solvent & Organized

Jan has provided accounting and organizational services to non-profits and small businesses for over twenty years. She is grateful for and enjoys the long-term relationships that have developed with a good number of her clients. And in 2010, she joined Team Quadratos.

Her skill and personal integrity have allowed Alexander John to live all over the world, resting easy that the Santa Fe office is in capable hands. For Quadratos, Jan manages accounts, opens mail, pays bills, organizes files and even clears the storage unit!

She lives in the glorious high desert of Santa Fe, NM with her wife, Nomi, and their awesome three-year old chocolate lab, Marlowe. Jan and Nomi have a son in his third year of law school, are members of an intimate Jewish havurah and practice mindfulness in the tradition of Thich Nhat Hanh.

In those too rare moments when she is not working, she has her boots on, hiking in the mountains with Marlowe, or playing music with friends which she calls “sitting in a bowl of joy!”

Nicole Rienecker

San Francisco, California
Web & Branding Guru

Nicole (largely an unseen Team member) has been collaborating with Alexander John since 2006! She has been the creative and technical brain behind the initial development and continued expansion of the website and Quadratos brand. The design of the various – and striking – Quadratos logos over the years have all come from her eye and skill.

Beginning her career in web and software design and development in 1995, she has created projects for clients in a variety of industries and has worked with top companies in the US and abroad. Nicole is the Creative Director and Owner of Neekdesign—experts in custom web design, brand strategy, ecommerce and analytics.

When not traveling the globe or visiting family in Oregon and Virginia, she and her husband enjoy hiking throughout the Bay Area and relaxing at their home in San Francisco, CA.

Nicole Rienecker
Alexander John Shaia

Alexander John Shaia

Galicia, Spain
Founder & Animator

Alexander John is the originator, founder and primary animator of all things Quadratos.

With the development of Team Quadratos, he is now able to step away from many of the day-to-day tasks allowing him to focus on producing new materials that help us deepen in the practice of Quadratos and world spirituality.

Yes, he is able to do this while living in a small fishing village on the NW coast of Spain.

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