The Way of Heart and Mind
Convener Text

Our ancestors used The Four-Gospel Journey to form a new kind of human tribe – one built on an inner freedom, mutual respect and welcome of the other.

Restoring this legacy from early Christianity, the process of The Way of Heart and Mind is the culmination of Alexander John’s forty years of experience in providing depth spiritual formation for individuals and small circles.

Do you wish to re-discover Christianity’s ancient gold?

Would you like a tried and true process that awakens your unique authenticity in the presence of The Christ and then places that awakening in service of the human family?

Would you like to establish a diverse circle of soul friends, where all are truly welcome?

Or perhaps, you are looking for a way to establish or enliven a small community ‘house church.’ 

The Way of Heart and Mind process has been developed over fifteen years by Alexander John working with a worldwide team of spiritual directors, pastors and educators. Its purpose is to provide an accessible, depth experience of spiritual formation and transformation for both individuals and small circles.

Additionally, The Way of Heart and Mind addresses two elements most needed for vitality and longevity in a spiritual community:

1. establishing a common, inclusive and respectful language with each other;

2. providing a way to engage conflict and diversity so as to strengthen relationships rather than diminish them.

The Way of Heart and Mind Convener Text RT Edition

Convener Text

The Convener Text consists of six chapters, called “Guides” that follow the sequence in the hardcover book Radical Transformation (2020) as well as the paperback/Kindle editions of Heart and Mind
At 292 pages, the Convener Text provides the structure and directions for each Gathering of the Community along with all needed supplemental materials.
To help you be at ease in the role of a convener, we have developed a series of brief training videos, offer ongoing contact with the Quadratos team to answer questions etc, and have online gatherings of conveners for mutual support and further learning.

Do You Wish to Join or Form a Circle?

Speak with one of our team and ask about joining or forming a circle.