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Quadratos Communities: Weekly Gospel Reflection

Thank you for being with us!
Would you like to go deeper still?

In appreciation, please join us (free of charge) for our live and/or recorded Weekly Gospel Reflection and Prayer with Alexander John through 04 January.

We follow the ancient Sunday Reading Cycle of the Gospels.

Following the Three-Year Sunday Gospel Reading Cycle, the reflections are broadcast live each Wednesday as well as being recorded so you may view at your convenience.

Included each week:

  • A download of Alexander John’s Quadratos translation of that week’s Sunday Gospel passage.
  • Psalm, prayers and benediction used for that month/season.
  • A link to the recording.


In order to receive the weekly gospel reflections, register your details using the form below.

Once you have registered, you will receive a weekly email through 02 January that includes three links:

  1. Link to Alexander John’s translation of the week’s gospel text, and his reflection.
  2. Link to the live Zoom reflection.
  3. Link to the recordings. (Recordings usually post within an hour of the live reflection ending.)

From 02 January, if you wish to continue, please visit the Gospel Reflection Community page to set up a recurring monthly contribution, via Patreon. Your recurring payment automatically places you on the list to continue to receive the weekly email. Your generous monthly contribution supports the work of Quadratos.

The suggested minimum monthly contribution for Alexander John’s weekly gospel passage, along with the reflection and prayer time (live or recorded) is $25. No contribution is too small or too large; all are welcome. Contributions may be stopped at any time.

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