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Quadratos Communities: Keys for The Four-Gospel Journey

Keys for The Four-Gospel Journey is for adults of all ages in new or existing circles who are interested in engaging the four gospels in a fresh way. This ancient yet fresh way links each gospel to one of the age-old questions of transformation:

How do we face change?

How do we move through suffering?

How do we receive joy?

How do we mature in service?

Keys is based on Alexander John Shaia’s books:

Radical Transformation: The Four-Gospel Journey of Heart and Mind (hardback)
Heart and Mind: The Four-Gospel Journey of Radical Transformation, 3rd Edition (paperback)

The two books contain identical text and pagination. Going forward, (RT) will stand for the hardback of “Radical Transformation”, and (HM) for the paperback of “Heart and Mind.”

RT is only available for purchase through this website. HM is available for purchase through Amazon. There is also a Kindle edition of HM. However, we highly suggest for this curriculum that each participant have a personal, physical copy.


    • 12 months of access to The Four-Gospel Journey six film series for 1 year – the usual cost is $89.99 for just 3 months


    • Session 3: Online with Alexander John


    • Keys uses film, hymns artistic images, reflections, and sharing.


    • Keys is composed of 20 sessions:
      • Introduction (3 Sessions) includes a Zoom session with Alexander John
      • Matthew (4 Sessions) How do we face change?
      • Mark (4 Sessions) How do we move through suffering?
      • John (4 Sessions) How do we receive joy?
      • Luke (4 Sessions) How do we mature in service
      • Review & Close (1 Session)


    • Leadership support
      • Promotional Flyer
      • Facilitator Guide
      • Consultation with the Quadratos Team


    • Invitation for participants to sign up to The Quadratos Quarterly. Each subscriber will receive a free copy of “The Keys” – chapter Two of Alexander John’s book.


    • Invitation for community to purchase several copies of RT for loan to members.


    • Invitation for Facilitators to attend The Way of Heart and Mind Information Session, with a view to possible participation.


  • Invitation to Go Deeper – 1 hour online with Anne Miner-Pearson (Keys author) to introduce The Way of Heart and Mind – an in-depth formation process for individuals and communities. This meeting can be scheduled at your mutual convenience.

Keys is designed to introduce the idea that the four gospels, read in sequence, provide a road map for individual and communal transformation.

Through a sequenced process, adults are invited into personal and communal reflection, using the gospel text, film, art, music, discussion and, if wished, sharing.

Keys is for any community of adults, who are open to exploring the four gospels as a journey of transformation.

Keys is suitable for use during Sunday morning formation time, with small groups, and/or mid-week meetings.

The key skills of a Facilitator are in small group facilitation. A theological understanding of the scriptures is not needed. Individuals with a background in art, music, or education may be especially drawn to facilitate.

We want to make this program as widely available as possible while also acknowledging the financial needs of Quadratos.

The initial financial contribution is to be made by the community based on the size of its congregation and according to the number of participants in the program.

Participants are asked to purchase a copy of the book in one of its two editions as well as to make four offerings over the course of the program, one at the end of each gospel. Each offering is in gratitude for the benefits received thus far on the journey.

This program has already been piloted in two communities. However, we are in early development, and your feedback is greatly valued.

All participants will be asked to complete a questionnaire and provide a testimonial twice during the program, after the first gospel and again at the end.


Each Facilitator will be provided everything that is needed for the program. Upon purchase, the easy-to-access pack will include:

  • Access to a password-protected Facilitators page on the Quadratos website with links to downloadable PDFs of the Facilitators Guide, complete Keys program, and the Four Paths Handout.
  • 12 months of access to the 6-video series The Four Gospel Journey (usually at a cost of $89.99 for 3 months of viewing).
  • Access to support from the Quadratos team.
  • Scheduling of a Heart and Mind Information Session for those who wish to go deeper.


  • Access to a password-protected Participants page on the Quadratos website with links to The Quadratos Quarterly.
  • Request to complete two feedback questionnaires and provide a testimonial over the course of the Keys program.
  • Request to make four offerings (of your choosing) in gratitude for the material.
  • Invitation to inquire about The Way of Heart and Mind for those who wish to go deeper.

There is no need to read the book before the beginning. In order for Participants to gain the most benefit from Keys, access to a personal copy of either the hardback or paperback edition of the book is recommended.

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